"A wise-cracking rat and best buds with Gonzo, Rizzo loves show business almost as much as he loves cheese. (And boy does this rat love cheese!) While he's been known to make smart-alecky remarks about everyone and everything, in truth there's no place he'd rather be than on stage with his fellow Muppets"

Spore Rizzo
Dressing Rooms Required 3
Available Level 12
Size 1x1
Stage(s) Kitchen
Digitization Time 12:0:0
Buying Price 400 Diamond
Selling Price 120,000 Coin
Placement XP 80,000 XP

Talent SearchEdit

Muppets can be purchased directly from the market/digitizer or found with a HARV-E talent search.

Kitchen Gonzo Spore Gonzo + Veggies Spore Veggies 15%


Every Muppet has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed on the stage, the Muppets's happiness will increase by one Happiness (in other words, placing two of the same liked item will still only increase happiness by one Happiness).

Kitchen Gonzo Spore Gonzo, Director's Chair, Studio Light, Kitchen Sink

See AlsoEdit

Rizzo on Muppets Wiki

Earning RateEdit


Earning Rate (Coin/min)
Level Happiness (Happiness) Max (Coin)
0 Happiness 1 Happiness 2 Happiness 3 Happiness 4 Happiness
1 14 2300
2 25 4140
3 36 5980
4 47 7820
5 58 9660
6 70 11500
7 81 13340
8 92 15180
9 103 17020
10 114 18860
12 137 22540

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